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Charles Story

My name is Charles West. I live in Sapulpa, OK. In 1998 I started having pain in my face that got worse each month. In 2007 I was taking treatment from my chiropractor in Sapulpa, who heard that Dr. Bogan used Cold Laser in his practice. Since he knew the value of the laser from his experience in another clinic in Tennessee prior to his move to Sapulpa, he referred me to see Dr. Bogan.

I cannot tell you what my life was like for almost ten years. I can tell you that it was a nine year fight against suicide. The three things that prevented me from taking my life was my faith in God and my love for my wife whom I did not want to leave alone, and the hope that someday I might find help.

For many years I tried to talk without moving my lips, because if my lips touched each other I would have lightening pain in my face that would last for hours. Any weather change would cause constant unbearable pain. I pray that no one ever experiences the unrelenting pain that I have endured.

By the time I found Dr. Bogan I had long ago given up medical doctors because none of their medicines even touched my pain. It was a joke! I had also nearly given up hope. But I refused to give up all hope because my life was hanging by that hope. That hope is what made me drive to Tulsa despite my skepticism. When I got there I found a caring staff and doctor who were willing to spend however much time with me that it took, even staying after hours many times to provide me the treatment. Relief was not immediate, but after two or three Cold Laser treatments I began to feel better. I was speaking with my lips and not even noticing it. I was sleeping better. And I was beginning to think that maybe I won’t have to suffer for the rest of my life. Each week brought just a little more relief. After about three months of treatment it was springtime and my heat and air business got so busy that I had no time for treatment. Since I was feeling so much better I kept putting off the treatment. Finally in the winter of 2008 I started feeling like if I didn’t get back for treatment that I was going to have a re-lapse of pain. So, now I come in from time to time to keep my pain at a minimum.

No, I can’t say that I am pain-free. But the pain I have now is tolerable, and most of the time I can forget about it when I am busy
at work, which I usually am. I also think that if I wanted to be completely pain-free that I could ramp up the treatment and get that way whenever I am ready. I am leading a normal life now thanks to Dr. Bogan and his laser, and to his assistant, Sherri, who applied the (needle-less) ear acupuncture on me.

Charles West