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Donnie Story

In May of 2007 I lost my equilibrium and began having ear and visual problems. I thought I had an ear or sinus infection. My family members had to come to my work and bring me home. I remember being extremely tired and frustrated at myself because I had to go to bed at five PM, which was not like me at all. Over the next two weeks my balance and equilibrium and visual problems became worse, and I had to go to the emergency room.

Throughout the month of June I continued to worsen. I could barely survive the workday and then I would go home and go straight to bed. There was a second trip to the E.R. because of loss of equilibrium and vomiting. After a CAT scan and bloodwork I was diagnosed with vertigo. During the next three months I became more and more ill. The vertigo would hit me every 3-4 days with projectile vomiting and last up to 10 to 12 hours, leaving me in a weakened state for days, when it would start all over again.

By November I had to give away my pet and my plants because I was unable to take care of them. From December thru February 2008 I was in a constant state of vertigo with frequent projectile vomiting. There is no way to describe the hell I was in. After six days of medical testing I had a diagnosis valued at tens of thousands of dollars, but no solution to the vertigo.

In late February ’08, my friend who was a patient at Alliance Chiropractic, told me about Dr. Bogan and his success with vertigo using Cold Laser Kinesiology. I consulted Dr. Bogan within days and started to improve almost immediately. Within a few weeks I could feel my life being restored. I am thankful to have found Dr. Bogan. Vertigo is an incapacitating condition. I would recommend Dr. Bogan to anyone needing chiropractic care or suffering with vertigo.

Donnie F. Hamman