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Their Cause & How to Control Them

Fred M. Bogan, DC

Alliance Chiropractic headachesA clinical trial reported in on May 22, 2005 showed that 72% of migraine sufferers experienced either ‘substantial’ or ‘noticeable’ improvement after a period of chiropractic care. The study was a randomized clinical trial completed over a 20 year period. Dr. Peter Tuchin, was the chief researcher and presented his results in a thesis at Macquarie University in Australia.

Headaches have numerous causes. They can arise from intracranial (inside the skull) or extracranial (outside the skull) sources. Intracranial sources might include such conditions as malignant or non-malignant tumors, vascular abnormalities such as aneurysms or strokes, or even meningeal irritation or infection (meningitis). Extracranial causes of headache include high blood pressure, sinusitis, eyestrain, and cervical (neck) nerve impingement. As chiropractic physicians we are primarily concerned with correction of cervical nerve impingement, as this is a primary cause of headaches.

It should come as a great comfort to headache sufferers that more than 98% of all headaches are extracranial; and over half of all extracranial headaches are a result of cervical nerve impingement. That’s why as a chiropractor I am always pleased to consult with a new patient who is suffering with headaches; especially if he or she does not have high blood pressure or sinusitis. That makes the probability of helping that person greater than 90% because their headaches are almost invariably the result of cervical nerve impingement!

Cervical nerve impingement results primarily from vertebral misalignment (subluxation) of a neck vertebra.. The causes of subluxation are many, including: trauma, work strain, poor posture, poor sleep habits, bad sleeping posture, improper bedding or pillow, etc. Normally our bodies will self-correct these subluxations with a good night’s rest (assuming proper bedding and pillow). However, if for any reason the body is unable to self-correct the misalignment within 24 hours it is unlikely that it will be able to do so. These are the cases that may require the assistance of a chiropractor.

Within 24 hours of incurring a subluxation there will be significant joint swelling of the discs and the facet joints. There will also be spasms of the spinal muscles around the injury area. The swelling and spasms not only cause pain, but they also prevent any attempt by the body to correct the subluxation, thereby creating a self-perpetuating condition. Once these chronic subluxations are established they become a source of internal stress. This stress may be significant enough that it could cause constant, or nearly constant headache; or it may be minor enough that it would require an additional stressor such as a stressful day at work, or fatigue, or an argument with a family member before symptoms of a headache are felt.

At Alliance Chiropractic we have had more than 25 years experience in treating headache patients. We are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat headaches. And we have successfully treated thousands of headaches. Don’t let your headaches interfere with your life any longer. Call us at 918-832-7880 to schedule your appointment.