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Neck and Back Pain

neck pain chiropractic

Our job as your Tulsa Chiropractor is to use a hands on approach to enable your body to heal itself through spinal manipulation without invasive surgery or medications. More often than not neck and back pain is caused by a misalignment within the spine and can be relieved with chiropractic treatment.

Relief of Headaches

It should come as a great comfort to headache sufferers that more than 98% of all headaches are extra cranial (outside of the skull, or not within the brain area); and over half of all extra cranial headaches are a result of cervical nerve impingement. Therefore, through spinal adjustments, cold laser therapy, and a holistic approach to treatment Dr. Bogan, your Tulsa Chiropractor, can help you find relief from your headaches and migraines.

Causes and Treatment

The fact is, whether it is neck pain or low back pain, the causes are very similar. Excluding fractures, infection and cancerous lesions of the spine, which are fortunately, quite uncommon (if not rare), the causes of spinal pain are damage or inflammation of the tissues surrounding the spine. That includes the intervertebral discs and other ligaments that support the spine. It includes the muscles and their tendinous attachments. It also includes the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels in the affected area. It even includes the meninges and their effect on the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

After treating spinal pain and dysfunction for over a hundred years it has become apparent to the chiropractic profession that all of the above noted causes of spinal pain are either a result of, or are a perpetuating factor to misalignment of the vertebral segments of the spine. If any of the supporting tissues mentioned are damaged or compromised in any way it will cause misalignment of the segment(s). If the segment(s) is misaligned it will irritate and inflame the supporting tissues. This irritation and inflammation causes pain and dysfunction within minutes to hours, if not immediately. If not corrected, the misalignment (called subluxation) will cause constant irritation of the tissues resulting in an inflammatory process that ends in chronic pain and degeneration, called arthritis, or degenerative joint disease.

Science backed by 110 years of experience tells us that when one or more vertebra is misaligned it results in a syndrome of multiple destructive anatomical and physiological changes in the spine. Therefore chiropractors have named this syndrome “Vertebral Subluxation Complex”. When left uncorrected, Vertebral Subluxation Complex results in pain, dysfunction and deterioration of the discs and other ligaments of the spine. But initially it will cause joint swelling, often severe enough to impinge the joints, the nerve roots or the spinal cord itself. This swelling is the source of many of the symptoms our patients experience, including joint pain, sciatica, headaches, neuritis, neuralgia, and chronic muscle spasms. In severe cases the patient is experiencing all of the above symptoms or more.

It is the chiropractor’s job to locate the level and direction of misalignment. It is also imperative that he determine what tissues are compromised, and to what degree, and what procedures will be necessary to correct it. Naturally, the history, the examination and x-rays, as well as training and experience is essential in these decisions. Our equipment, our training and more than 25 years of experience makes us the experts in treatment of spinal and spine – related pain.