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Stephen Story

My name is Steven Deffenbaugh. I am a letter carrier for the Post Office. For the last few years I have delivered mail to Dr. Bogan’s office. That’s why I was so surprised that the solution to my vertigo would be right there under my nose. For the last several months I had been fighting a losing battle with vertigo. It had reached a point where it was just too dangerous for me to drive my postal vehicle, or even my own car. I’d had too many near accidents to continue for fear that I would kill myself or someone else. So I had decided to retire with disability. But when I mentioned it to Barbara, the front desk lady at Dr. Bogan’s office, she exclaimed, “Wow, are you in the right place! Since we got our Cold Laser unit we have treated over a dozen cases with 100% success. Before giving up you must give us a try.”

Well, as much as I liked the staff at Alliance Chiropractic it just didn’t seem probable that they could actually solve my vertigo problem. After all, this was a serious problem, not some back problem that chiropractors usually treat. And besides, I was being treated by some highly trained medical doctors. If they couldn’t help me how was Dr. Bogan going to help. So for the next few weeks I ignored the advice and pushed myself through life. From time to time when I saw Barbara she would gently suggest making an appointment.

Finally, out of desperation I made that appointment, and I’m glad I did! Following examination and x-rays of my spine Dr. Bogan adjusted my neck and used the Cold Laser on my ears. I felt nothing with the laser. I was certain that it had done nothing for me. But, over the next two months of treatment I started to improve, naturally with episodes of vertigo, but they were getting less frequent and less severe until it seemed they just went away. I don’t understand what it is that Dr. Bogan does for vertigo, but I can say that it definitely helped my recovery. If you are suffering from vertigo like I was, I would encourage you to try Dr. Bogan and the laser.

Stephen Deffenbaugh