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From 2010 onwards I was experiencing excruciating pain in my left leg, in fact the entire left side was hurting. I had problems walking, sitting, sleeping, and carrying out day to day activities. I had been to a neurologist, orthopedic, and pain management specialist who could not even detect the problem; but after Dr. Bogan treated me I’m almost pain free and walking without a limp after a long time. People with sciatica pain or lower back pain must visit Dr. Bogan to see the difference. Thanks Dr. Bogan!

Sincerely, Mitsu Dasgupta

My Vertigo began over a year ago, following a cellulitis attack in my leg. They finally said the strong antibiotics had damaged the balance canals in the inner ear. Nothing had helped and I was very discouraged. I questioned whether or not the laser would work for me, but I was ready to try anything. In 12 treatments I have experienced major improvements. I was unable to drive a car for over a year, but with Dr. Bogan and his Cold Laser Therapy I was able to drive to myself to my fifth appointment. Thank you Dr. Bogan!

With Gratitude, Bill Newcomb

I hurt my knee in July and tried to rest it as much as possible. I couldn’t bend it or straighten it without pain through the entire joint. If I stood on it too long, I had to push the back of the knee to bend it when I wanted to sit down.

X-rays showed that nothing was broken, but I had arthritis in both knees. An MRI was completed and I was told I didn’t need surgery, but I was sent to physical therapy. A month later, I was frustrated that it wasn’t getting better.

I found this website after searching for someone to do the laser treatments. After the first treatment, I left the office with about 85% LESS stiffness than when I walked in. When I went back for the second treatment, I was still 50% of the pain I had originally. After four treatments, all of the pain that I was feeling inside the joint was gone.

Regarding the arthritis, I will return for follow-up treatments as necessary in the future!

Deanna Radich

I moved to Oklahoma 15 years ago and I have taken treatment from various chiropractors during that time in an attempt to find relief from chronic back and neck pain due to injuries sustained in my 13 years as a gymnast. Along the way, I found one or two that could give me partial relief, but never found any that met my “gold standard” set by my chiropractor that treated me during my time as a gymnast before I moved to Oklahoma. That is, until I found Dr. Bogan.

I have had only 4 visits with him and my pain is 99% relieved. After each visit, I call my husband and tell him that Dr. Bogan is a miracle worker because I have not felt this good in years. I cannot put into words what a wonderful chiropractor he is … I can only say that even my friends notice that my pain has subsided. I have raved about Dr. Bogan to anyone who will listen and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Thank you, Bobbi Reed

My name is Charles West. I live in Sapulpa, OK. In 1998 I started having pain in my face that got worse each month. In 2007 I was taking treatment from my chiropractor in Sapulpa, who heard that Dr. Bogan used Cold Laser in his practice. Since he knew the value of the laser from his experience in another clinic in Tennessee prior to his move to Sapulpa, he referred me to see Dr. Bogan… Read More 

Charles West

During the last twelve months I have suffered severe pain in the face that was often maddening. I am a recent grandmother with my first grandchild. The face pain was so severe that most of the time I was in too much pain to be able to care for my granddaughter, much less enjoy her. During these twelve months I sought medical treatment from several doctors who diagnosed my condition as Trigeminal Neuralgia. If you don’t know what the pain of trigeminal neuralgia is like, consider a hot poker in the side of the face… Read More 

Tina Martin

In May of 2007 I lost my equilibrium and began having ear and visual problems. I thought I had an ear or sinus infection. My family members had to come to my work and bring me home. I remember being extremely tired and frustrated at myself because I had to go to bed at five PM, which was not like me at all. Over the next two weeks my balance and equilibrium and visual problems became worse, and I had to go to the emergency room…Read More

Donnie F. Hamman

My name is Steven Deffenbaugh. I am a letter carrier for the Post Office.For the last few years I have delivered mail to Dr. Bogan’s office. That’s why I was so surprised that the solution to my vertigo would be right there under my nose. For the last several months I had been fighting a losing battle with vertigo. It had reached a point where it was just too dangerous for me to drive my postal vehicle, or even my own car. I’d had too many near accidents to continue for fear that I would kill myself or someone else. …Read More

Steven Deffenbaugh

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I suffer from chronic back and neck pain due to injuries sustained from 13 years of being a gymnast and I received chiropractic care during my gymnastics career from one of the best chiropractors around. However, 15 years ago, I moved to Oklahoma and away from my wonderful chiropractor and I have been searching for a good chiropractor in Oklahoma ever since I moved here. No chiropractor ever lived up to the "gold standard" set by the chiropractor who treated me during the time I was a gymnast. That is, until I met Dr. Bogan. After 4 visits, my pain is 99% gone and I cannot put into words what a good chiropractor Dr. Bogan is. I rave about Dr. Bogan to every willing ear because I know how difficult it is to find a chiropractor with the level of skill that Dr. Bogan possesses. I am so relieved that after 15 years of looking I have finally found the chiropractor I have been looking for. I recommend Dr. Bogan to everyone who asks, and even to some that don't ask! Thank you so much Dr. Bogan!

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I was involved in a car accident which caused minor, but painful injuries to my neck and sternum. At this point, I have been to Alliance Chiropractic a total of three times and am amazed by the progress I have made. I am treated with respect by all employees and I feel like they know and recognize me when I come in. The space is comfortable and has a homey feel to it. I recommend that you take your chiropractic needs to Dr. Bogan's office.

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Dr. Newton is great. He takes his time finding out what bothers you and creates an upfront (no hidden surprises) plan for to help remedy your ailments. I had been suffering with pain stemming from my lower back that would run down my leg. At times it would become unbearable. I went to my general practitioner and all they would do is give me pills, never finding the root cause. I'm almost 3 weeks into my treatment and am delighted. I've stopped limping and am sleeping so much better. I wish that I had come to see Dr. Newton sooner. I trust him enough to refer my mom to him. I look forward to staying in good, pain-free health with Dr. Newton.

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I had been to several chiropractors around the country for a bulging disk and saw minimal and disappointing. results. On a business trip, after crawling through the airport, I looked up Dr. Bogan and visited him after reading some of his reviews. I am surely glad that I did. He is a breath of fresh air and doesn't treat you like a number, that was really big with me. I had been to different chiro's for the same issue and it didn't seem like the truly understood what was going on with my back. He and his staff took their time to understand the injury and then used techniques I had not experienced before to bring relief....RELIEF. I had been looking for it for weeks...finally and after only 1 visit. I know that my next visits will get me back to 100%, I could not say that about some of the others I had seen. He gave the most personal and thorough examination I have ever received at a Chiropractor. Needless to say, he is my 'go to' chiro when I am in Tulsa from now on. I highly recommend him.

Ken Golda

Dr. Bogan is an unexpected treasure. He is very knowledgeable about chiropractic care and dietary supplements that help your body's nutritonal needs. In just a few weeks he has corrected back issues and balance problems from a stroke I had in 2010. He has my highest recommendation

Robert Foshay