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Tina Story

During the last twelve months I have suffered severe pain in the face that was often maddening. I am a recent grandmother with my first grandchild. The face pain was so severe that most of the time I was in too much pain to be able to care for my granddaughter, much less enjoy her. During these twelve months I sought medical treatment from several doctors who diagnosed my condition as Trigeminal Neuralgia. If you don’t know what the pain of trigeminal neuralgia is like, consider a hot poker in the side of the face.

All of the doctors tried to help, but nothing they did ever did anything to ease the intense pain in my face. I took numerous medications, including Carbamazaphine and GabaPentin, with no improvement.

Finally, a co-worker suggested that I seek help from a Chiropractor because she had a friend with a similar problem that had been helped by chiropractic. To be honest, my first thought was “How could a chiropractor help when I am being treated by a neurologist and that wasn’t working?” Another month passed and I was depressed and losing all hope. So I opened the phone book and saw Dr. Bogan’s ad describing the Cold Laser treatments. It sounded interesting, so I called and talked to Sherri, his office manager, who explained the treatments and a little about how they work, and that the treatments are completely painless. When I told her how much pain I was in she scheduled me for that day.

Dr. Bogan and his staff worked with me that day with adjustments and laser, which was indeed completely painless and the next day I couldn’t believe that I had at least a 30% improvement in my pain! In twelve months nothing had done as much to give me relief as that one treatment. After six weeks my pain was 80% better, and today, at eight weeks I have enjoyed a full week of pain-free life. Now, for the first time in my granddaughter’s life I am enjoying her like I have prayed that I could. If you are suffering with this problem I encourage you not to wait, but to visit Dr. Bogan and let him do his magic on you. Thank you God, Dr. Bogan, Sherri, and the staff at Alliance Chiropractic for giving me back my life.

Nothing to Lose But Your Pain,

Tina Martin


The laser is helpful for all types of painful nerve conditions, not just for trigeminal neuralgia. I have used the laser with great success on such nerve conditions as sciatica, migraine, any neuralgia, even vertigo (we just might be the very best place for help with vertigo-we have never failed on a case since we started using the laser)